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Sara Benninga

The exhibition offers us a space that contains the wild and raw alongside aesthetic restraint and order while hinting at, or explicitly referencing, the female body.

Rani Sasson - Circle of Life


Rani Sasson and Dror Ben Ami contemplate the natural forces and their innermost being, offering a moving experience of the process of creation in which the spirit is briefly touched and we are reborn.In the exhibition we will meet Rani Sasson's intimate, sensitive story, who shares her feelings with us and shows us her personality and femininity in a story about motherhood and childhood.We will also meet Dror Ben Ami, who takes us on a journey into our self-imagination, transporting us to lost unfamiliar landscapes.

Rachel Erdos

Democracy Now

Drawings, photographs and installations which challenge the visitor to examine what is left from democracy, and what remains of the promise for a new world of equal rights and opportunities.

Have we lost hope in democracy?  Has democracy become a synonym for corruption? Have the mission of democracy and those it was meant to serve been forgotten?

Even the Trees Bleed

Even the
Trees Bleed

The Exhibition deals with the aesthetic, cultural, national and political meanings between trees and men as independent creatures discovering their weaknesses, instincts and interdependence upon one another, and between themselves to the natural environment surrounding them.

Thou Shalt Not

Faith seeks to strictly preserve the boundaries and laws of the Jewish tradition, while contemporary art serves as a mirror depicting our times and their constant change. 
It seems that lately an interaction is taking place between these two. The exhibition seeks to contribute and serve as a bridge while helping us understand this renewed discourse through the messages that the artists convey to us.

And the Trees went Forth to Seek a king

We adore them and hate them at the same time; we admire them and despise them. We project our whims and hopes onto them and at the same time watch them being lead restrained and humiliated to courtrooms derived of their mythical powers and charisma.

We bear witness lately, to an unprecedented local and global leadership crisis. 

Beyond Memory

The exhibition sets out on a memory-aided journey to the future, to face works of art which expose us to images delved from the archives of repression and denial of fears and anxieties from our past experiences.


will aspire to investigate the relationship between the private home and the state. It will study the formal and functional similarity between the two spaces which enables the definition of both as "home" (the national home), and the difference between them, which traditionally places the former in the private (or natural) sphere and the latter in the political sphere.

Bare Life

Bare Life

This exhibition aims to touch upon the increasingly unraveling seam between deviant states and normative states, and to point resolutely at the place where the temporary emergency situation turns into a legitimized ongoing situation that in the end leads to a paranoia of suspicion and to the use of violence to re-establish public order.

Ronit Porat

The exhibition seeks to tell the wide and varied local LGBTQ story, through the historical timeline on the one hand, and through the space axis on the other hand.

Mike Winkelmann - Morning Drone


Do we have good reasons to worry about the ultimate human-like machine we are developing, and will it very soon prove us severely mistaken? Or, in other words, is humankind on the verge of a struggle for control versus man-made machines, which are beginning to form their own independent thoughts?

Pinchas Cohen Gan - Art and Language

A personal confession of an individual, expressing his critique and conveys a sense of existential meaning in a society consumed with its cultural and ethical difficulties.

Netta Lieber Sheffer

The Uncanny

Netta Lieber Sheffer, derived from Sigmund Freud seminal essay "The Uncanny", presents oil paintings and chalk drawings of death masks. She fixates the moment of encounter with death, and thus capturing the remains of the memory through the reflection of the dead person in the mask.

Via Lewandowsky - Roar series

The Case of Hiroshima

The Exhibition deals with the consequences of a total annihilation of humanity by humanity itself using the technology it produces, and raises for renewed discussion issues of identity, ethics, sovereignty and the use of military force in a total war that will exterminate mankind.

Unprotected Zone

We live in a postmodern era which is characterized by the absence of a sense of ontological security and a lost sense of individualism.

Are individuals responsible for their acts and hence for their fate and their freedom of choice?

To what extent do society and the authorities restrict individuals, their personalities and decision making, and to what extent are their moral choices influenced by their social identity?

Everyone Carries a Room Inside

Loneliness is a major contemporary phenomenon, gaining more and more impact on people’s lives. The exacting urban environment, in the face of social and technological changes, never leaves the individual in peace – it forever urges him, stimulates his nerves and attacks his senses in an endless sequence of fleeting perceptions and random impressions.


A new wind is blowing across the Western world, even in the margins of the liberal left. A new wind that affects even those who until recently still believed in sharing equality and mutual respect with the other and commended the idea of multiculturalism.


The NatureNation exhibition is based on diverse aspects of distinctions, positions, beliefs, ideologies, and social, political and economic points of departure that explore the complex encounter between man and the environment and between man and nature.

Equal and Less Equal

The exhibition "Equal and Less Equal" attempts to awaken the awareness and social sensitivity so frequently dulled in us, and elucidate questions relating to the labour relations prevailing in our world.

Guy Aon


The exhibition captures the artistic frame of mind in times of plague and crisis, and describes how the world is shaped by the new reality. The role of art in periods of this kind is to give hope while providing social critique, to evoke imagination, to raise pointed questions about moral issues and to suggest creative ways of dealing with them.

Bianca Severijns - Sisters Series

Not by the Dress Alone

We live in a world in which the brand, the price tag or the logo are what define our attitude to our surroundings, and vice versa, and we ask ourselves, do we make the clothes or do the clothes make us? And if so, why do clothes carry such an important role in our lives, since the day we first covered ourselves with a fig leaf we came across in the Garden of Eden?

Shai Kremer - Concrete Abstract


The exhibition will present humankind’s race to reach further and higher. It is a race in which the big cities - those which are developing at a dazzling pace, not always in correlation with the real needs of their inhabitants.

Marcelle Hanselaar

The Crying Game

The exhibition exposes the civilization that allows people to live their lives without thinking about or questioning the horrors that lie a step or two away from the lives that most of us live. Throughout 30 etchings by Marcelle Hanselaar we get a glance to the world of women and girls as war victims.

A work of art can memorialize a moment in time that one might wish to forger, and provoke the viewer to choose – look away or keep looking.

Jerusalem - Self Portrait

Jerusalem - Self Portrait

The exhibition "Jerusalem – Self Portrait" brings together different people who though may be poles apart, share their lives in Jerusalem. The exhibition presents an impossible reality, documented by photographers living in Jerusalem, Arabs and Jews alike, fashion photographers as well as news photographers, working in all corners of the city.

Throughout video installation you will participate in a ‘Tish’ at the Rabbi’s court and will find yourselves in the midst of a street demonstration. You will meet young Muslim girls for whom the Hijab has become a fashionable accessory, and will conclude their visit at a nocturnal party of lost souls.

10. April Dauscha - Custody of the Tongu

The group exhibition exposes us, the viewers, to the inner world of women, while identifying cases of subjugation and discrimination that mostly occur in the private and public spheres. The images portray a harsh reality that oblige us to open our eyes and boldly observe them closely, and thus to express our solidarity with this struggle.

My Beloved Afghanistan

Last photos of the Pulitzer Prize winner
Prior to her assassination in Afghanistan
Anja Niedringhaus
Curator: Gisela Kayser, Berlin

"It is so important, even more so today, that we take the time to understand who the people are in these areas, understand them, understand what life is about for them and not just in relation to the West."
Anja Niedringhaus

Flesh and Blood

The exhibition attempts to scrutinize the existing harsh relationship between mankind and other animals, and to challenge us to show sensitivity and to face the reality of which the majority amongst us is not sufficiently aware. The exhibition calls upon us to look at the flesh and blood as a fabric connecting the family of animals, of which we are part, and to treat it with respect and compassion.

The Right to Protest

At a time of differing and various ideologies - distinct from one another, mutually remote in their location on the political spectrum and moreover, mutually hostile - Israeli society is divided in its protest.

Sue De Beer. Still from - Permanent Revo

Exhibition HeartQuake seeks to shudder and shake, identity and otherness vis a vis anxiety; to highlight and stress the process of man’s emotional contention with his environment, and also to peer through the prism of dread to examine his reactions.


DEADEND is an exhibition that presents a difficult reality that has turned violence into the language of daily life. This language threatens the existence of human society.


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