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Current Exhibition


A tension ridden reality of the aggressive and divided Israeli society, which is prone to violent conflicts such as are expressed in the exhibition.

LIFE / STILL LIFE / LAND is a situation report of an aggressive and divided society, full of gaps, tension and disagreements, which is prone to conflicts and risk its existence.

Can we repair this situation and find ways to educate towards a discourse of reconcilement, concession and acceptance of the other? Can we, despite the conflicts and ever-growing polarity, maintain a normal daily routine after we have gone so far?

By looking around us, at the Still Life, as the exhibition defines it, we will observe society, or Life, and through both the latter, we shall see the Land, and compose a social portrait, reflecting the features of our society, with its multi-faceted human existence, connecting and dividing it simultaneously. The deconstruction and reconstruction of the three components of the exhibition will help us to examine the gaps and their consequences on contemporary Israeli society.

Curator, Raphie Etgar

Miki Kratsman
Deganit Berest
Uri Katzenstein
Dana Levy and Mary Mattingly
Phillip Rantzer
Gilad Ophir
Gal Weinstein
Amal Mattar
David Reeb
Buky Schwartz
Klil Wexler
David Tartakover
Fouad Agbaria
David Adika
Yael Bartana
Tsibi Geva
Vered Aharonovitch
Joram Rozov
Micha Ullman
Andi Arnovitz
Udi Charka
Pinchas Cohen Gan
Moshe Gershuni
Erez Israeli
Tom Pnini
Tomer Sapir
Ashraf Fawakhry
Ahmad Gharabli
Thomas Coex
Nir Kafri
Zev Engelmayer
Lahav Halevy
Elie Cardozo Tenenbaum
and Dan Fishbein

Shirley Faktor

Reuven Hasak



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