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Current Exhibition

28.03.2023 - 28.06.2023


The Agreement

In Jerusalem, a palimpsest of a city that is constantly being rebuilt on itself, the Franciscan school "Terra Sancta" abuts the wall of the Old City. In the playground, a football pitch is adapted to this twisted cadastre, betraying the rules of perspective and symmetry. In this irregular space, it is impossible for the goals to face each other, and the approximate position of the centre circle shortens the pitch to one team’s advantage. "The Agreement" is a new geometrical compromise between the pupils in their efforts to establish the exact centre point of the pitch. To measure and trace it; and to start playing fairly.
The artists David Brognon (*1978, Belgium) and Stéphanie Rollin (*1980, Luxembourg) have been working together since 2006. The duo's diverse practice, encompassing sculpture, installation, photography, video, and sound works, is marked by evocative allusions and acute attentiveness to marginal, "micro"-narratives and the poetics of everyday life, through which the burdens of history and socio-political realities transpire. Collaborating with local, often disenfranchised, communities and individuals around the globe, including in Jerusalem, which has inspired several of their recent projects, Brognon and Rollin’s lyrical-critical minimalism places the human experience at the centre, while exploring, in highly specific yet universal terms, the social settings, contexts and constraints that shape it.

Curator: Dr. Shir Aloni Yaari

Artists: Brognon Rollin


28.03.2023 - 19.05.2023


The Jerusalem Syndrome

Videos from the Library of "Looking for Jesus" by Katarzyna Kozyra

The “Jerusalem Syndrome” is an acute delusional disorder that affects tourists and pilgrims visiting Jerusalem. Those afflicted with the syndrome tend to identify with Biblical characters from the Old and New Testament, believing that they arrived at the Holy Land out of a vocation or mission of a religious or political nature.
The syndrome was the starting point for Katarzyna Kozyra’s decade-long art project “Looking for Jesus” presented in this exhibition. The artist’s fascination with the phenomenon has motivated her to conduct several research trips to Jerusalem, in order to find those who believe themselves to be Messiahs.
The result is a rich archive of interviews with extraordinary individuals from different origins and walks of life, self-declared prophets and apostles seeking to escape the established, institutionalized framework of faith and practice their own theologies. It is also a portrait of the city which serves as the background for diverse religious rituals, and a scene for people of various creeds, denominations and colours. The exhibition, which includes a library of videos and a full-length documentary film, is not merely about religion, but rather how belief changes our perspective of reality, what are the ways and means of carrying out one's faith, and its place and role in today's world.
Oscillating between an investigative exploration and philosophical contemplation, the work is also a travel journal, reflecting the artist’s personal journey, as the sense of curiosity that initiated her artistic expedition gradually gives way to a strong attachment to the people and narratives she encounters.
A leading figure of contemporary art in Poland, Kozyra is internationally renowned for her taboo-breaking self-portraits and artistic actions that deal with the body, gender politics, and the boundaries between art and life. Here she witnesses an ongoing performance in which she is not the protagonist, but merely an audience – stepping into the role of the observer to further raise questions regarding the notions of “pretending”, “performing”, “being”, and most importantly, “believing”.

Artist: Katarzyna Kozyra


15.11.2022 - 19.05.2023

Karam Natour

Karam Natour

It appears that ‘Man’, renowned and acclaimed, is a category within itself, consisting of natural timeless characteristics. Perceiving Man as ‘The First Sex’ determines the norms and standards by which humanity is defined. In recent years, there is an increasing preoccupation with the concept of masculinity and the ongoing changes influenced by social processes, evolutions in feminist field, and the struggle for gender equality. This places the dominant male ethos into a process of dismantlement and reassembling, thus affecting the ideals and stereotypes structuring its hegemonic position in society and culture today.
The exhibition seeks to observe contemporary representations of masculinity as it intersects with other aspects – ethnic, socioeconomic, religious, sexual – of personal and collective identity, while tracing different rituals, models, and patterns of masculinity, especially in its local contexts. Through the unique works of artists from the last two decades, simultaneously touching on masculine myths as well as everyday reality, the exhibition spans a range of intriguing views – parodic, melancholic, intimate, critical – presenting masculinity in its multitude of manifestations, full of contradictions and complexity.


The exhibition was inspired by the research and film project "Masculinities in Israel",

which was initiated, produced and carried out by the Heinrich Boell Foundation, launched at Tel Aviv Cinematheque.

To view the entire project visit:
Project lead: Romy Shapira
Research and production: Romy Shapira, Anat Saragusti

Curator: Shahar Shalev

Consulting Curator:

Dr. Shir Aloni Yaari

Fouad Agbaria

Vered Aharonovitch

Oreet Ashery

Niv Fridman

Merav Kamel & Halil Balabin

Noa Klagsbald

Jossef Krispel

Roni Landa

Shahar Marcus

Daniella Meroz

Navot Miller

Karam Natour

Eli Petel

Roee Rosen

Lital Rubinstein

Yael Ruhman

Yonatan Ullman

Yael Yudkovik

Tamir Zadok



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