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The exhibition deals with different layers of climate change, encourages a vision of a sustainable lifestyle and emphasizes the idea that every person can be a part of the green evolution.

The exhibition addresses the various aspects of climate crisis and sustainability, amongst them: pollution, water shortage, deforestation, depletion of energy resources, climate change and loss of biological diversity – all those and others directly affect the universe in which we live.

The term “climate crisis” demonstrates the urgency in dealing with the issue. Today more than ever, in view of the fires and floods devastating the world and approaching our doorstep, we must take urgent action to minimize our ecological footprint.

The exhibition encourages a vision of sustainability and emphasizes the idea that everyone can take part in the revolution by adopting an ecological way of life, that will support mankind’s survival.

The exhibition ETF! was first shown in Berlin in 2010, and since then it has travelled worldwide on four continents and has hosted 102 renowned international artists from 27 different countries, who are joined every time by several local artists, addressing the local ecological challenges.

The Museum on the Seam and the Center for Contemporary Art Pyramida in Haifa have collaborated for the first time to bring forth this international exhibition, which carries with it a message of sustainability and raises awareness to this topic, so critical to our lives as well as our children’s lives.

Jerusalem and Haifa, two mixed cities, similar yet different, face a reality of a complex and challenging coexistence. We all share the same planet, regardless of religion, race, gender and nationality and it is our collective obligation to protect it, to bridge over existing gaps and to join hands in reaching a common goal.