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Current Exhibition

My Beloved Afghanistan


Last photos of the Pulitzer Prize winner

Prior to her assassination in Afghanistan

Anja Niedringhaus

Curator: Gisela Kayser, Berlin


"It is so important, even more so today, that we take the time to understand who the people are in these areas, understand them, understand what life is about for them and not just in relation to the West."

Anja Niedringhaus

For over twenty years, the renowned photojournalist Anja Niedringhaus documented war zones and crisis regions all over the world. Countless times she travelled through areas of conflict in the former Yugoslavia, Palestine, Kuwait, Libya, Iraq, and repeatedly Afghanistan. Her pictures appeared worldwide on the title pages of newspapers and magazines and through their striking humanity they contributed to the formation of our collective memory.

Her Afghanistan pictures document the lives of women under the Taliban regime, which did not allow music, kite flying, or even schools for girls, nor women in public posts.

In her last series of pictures during the 2014 presidential elections, Anja Niedringhaus photographic portraits of the female parliamentarians; proudly they gaze towards the camera, self-assured, and wanting to register to vote and finally have a voice in their society.

On April 4, 2014, only three days after she took these pictures, an assassin in the province of Banda Kehl (Afghanistan) shot Anja Niedringhaus to death.

Curator, Raphie Etgar


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