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Current Exhibition

Always Have Been,
Always Will Be

The exhibition seeks to tell the wide and varied local LGBTQ story, through the historical timeline on the one hand, and through the space axis on the other hand.

The exhibition wishes to celebrate the extensive, complex, and heterogeneous local LGBTQ diversity.
In the last few years, as the discourse on sexual and gender diversity has increasingly penetrated the mainstream, its presence in the media is unprecedented, and LGBTQ representation is on the rise, one might be led to believe that it is a recent "trend", and one that has been adopted mostly by the secular-liberal society, and to forget that the history of the community is long-standing and diverse.
However, in-depth research of the local past reveals abundant stories about individuals, who even if they weren’t so defined at their time, today they would most definitely be recognized as part of the LGBTQ community. Sometimes they stirred interest, sometimes they spurred disgust, but they were always present. In darker periods, when sexual and gender diversity was perceived as a threat to social order, many stories, particularly those that to begin with were not part of the social and conscious mainstream, remained obscure, and gay history was deliberately erased, so that time and again, the achievements, anecdotes and individuals comprising the history of the community were doomed to oblivion.
Leaning on artworks from recent years, the exhibition features the extensive diverse local LGBTQ story, through two perspectives: the perspective of time, which reexamines anecdotes and individuals of the local gay community, and the perspective of space, which gravitates from the center towards the geographical and social periphery.

Curator: Dveer Shaked


Roey Victoria Heifetz
Gil Yefman
Rona Yefman
Dotan Moreno
Adi Nes
Karam Natour
Ronit Porat
Zoya Cherkassky
Naama Roth

ex_Always Have Been


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