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Current Exhibition

Democracy Now


Drawings, photographs and installations which challenge the visitor to examine what is left from democracy, and what remains of the promise for a new world of equal rights and opportunities.

Have we lost hope in democracy? Has democracy become a synonym for corruption? Have the mission of democracy and those it was meant to serve been forgotten?

“The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato

The political culture in Israel has recently begun to encourage the use of force and to turn a blind eye towards the stretching of legal boundaries and disregard towards rules, all in the name of supposedly exalted collective goals. This culture is even backed and tolerated by elements within the political establishment, thereby shaking the very existence of democracy in Israel.

The exhibition takes place in a reality of a slippery slope and in light of corruption and imminent charges against public officials, including the prime minister. For the second time in a few months, a political campaign is on the go, following desperate and failed attempts to form a government.

These unprecedented circumstances are a result of an escalation in the parliamentary relations and the mutual lack of trust, blocking any possibility of reaching an agreement regarding the leading party or the formation of a coalition government. Fundamental differences of opinion between left and right as well as ego fights between the candidates hopping from one party to another leave the voters totally confused and disrespectful of the system.

The election campaign is no more than a series of mutual accusations rather than a presentation of alternatives with an ideological vision accompanied by hope.

Have we lost hope in democracy? Do the phenomena we witness in the political sphere herald the beginning of cracks in the power of democracy worldwide?

What remains of the promise for a new world of equal rights and opportunities following the horrendous wars that have left humankind hurt and injured? Manipulations in the disguise of freedom and liberalism spread through posts and tweets? Fake news ruled by networks and tycoons? Are we on the brink of an era where democracy has become a synonym for corruption? Has the political post become a means for leaders to abuse their status and power for their own good instead of the good of their voters?

Have the mission of democracy and those it was meant to serve been forgotten?

When and how did democracy become selective and so violent?


Raphie Etgar

Marshall Arisman,



David Tartakover,



Shirley Faktor,



Rachel Erdos, USA, Israel


Noam Braslavsky,

Germany, Israel


William Kentridge,

South Africa

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