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Jerusalem -




The exhibition "Jerusalem – Self Portrait" brings together different people who though may be poles apart, share their lives in Jerusalem. The exhibition presents an impossible reality, documented by photographers living in Jerusalem, Arabs and Jews alike, fashion photographers as well as news photographers, working in all corners of the city.

Throughout video installation you will participate in a ‘Tish’ at the Rabbi’s court and will find yourselves in the midst of a street demonstration. You will meet young Muslim girls for whom the Hijab has become a fashionable accessory, and will conclude their visit at a nocturnal party of lost souls.

Jerusalem - Self Portrait exhibits the complimenting contrasts that make this city, holy and mundane, devout and fearless yet desperate and fearful. 

The exhibition exposes the face of an ancient and contemporary city, unique in its mosaic of contrasts. A city which alternates between faith and heresy, which views the world and is viewed by all.

The exhibition brings together people, who though may be poles apart, are united in their wish to live in a place where they share with others mutual love and hatred.

What exactly is the mesmerizing secret of the city and its people?

The clothed in royal garments, gleaming in white in her honor And the modestly clad in black, only their eyes peering out of their robes.

The huddled in silent prayer And the vocal worshippers in public. The comers and goers, their faces blank And the guardians on its walls alert in the face of an imminent attack. The devout grave and stone kissers carrying a secret hope in their heart, The followers of the Crucifix along the Via Dolorosa, softly chanting

Or those whose voices echo in the streets, urging the believers to hurry for prayer.

The bearers of the brunt, hurting with the pain of others, And the clandestine inciters and provokers.

Those and others, together and apart, are the protagonists of this Theater of the Absurd, in the biggest show in town where the curtain was raised thousands of years ago but its concluding scene has yet to be written.


Raphie Etgar

Adi Gleizer Ornai

Faiz Abu Rmeleh

Miki Kratsman

Nabil Darwish

Mark Bennington

Amal Mattar

Sigal Adelman

Mostafa Alkharouf

Dafna Tal

Thomas Coex

Leora Laor

Amir Zobel and Itay Blumenthal

Fadi Dahabreh

Efrat Shvily

Ahmad Gharabli

Orit Ben Shitrit

Mati Elmaliach

Dov Korlinsky

Shlomo Christopher Pozner

Abir Sultan



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