June/18/2020 - November/30/2020

Do we have good reasons to worry about the ultimate human-like machine we are developing, and will it very soon prove us severely mistaken? Or, in other words, is humankind on the verge of a struggle for control versus man-made machines, which are beginning to form their own independent thoughts?

"One of the best museums in the world. The most intense active square meter to art ratio you will ever find"

Featuring artists along the way

among others

Andreas Gursky, Germany | Anselm Kiefer, Germany | Barbara Kruger, USA | Sigalit Landau, Israel | Bill Viola, USA | Bruce Nauman, USA | Christian Boltanski, France | Jenny Holzer, USA | A.R. Penck, Germany | Josephine Meckseper, Germany | Kendell Geers,Belgium / South Africa | Menashe Kadishman, Israel | Paul McCarthy, USA | Micha Ullman, Israel | Santiago Sierra, Spain | Tsibi Geva, Israel | Sebastiao Salgado, Brazil | Sophie Calle, France | William Kentridge, South Africa | Raffi Lavie, Israel | Wim Wenders, Germany | Yael Bartana, Israel / The Netherlands | Thomas Hirschhorn, Switzerland | Martha Rosler, USA | Gilbert and George, Great Britain | Trine Sondergaard, Denmark | Kimsooja, South Korea | Wilhelm Sasnal, Poland | Michal Rovner, Israel | Artur Zmijewski, Poland | Alfredo Jaar, Chille | Moshe Gershuni, Israel | Douglas Gordon, Scotland | Adrian Paci, Albania | Harun Farocki, Germany | Lida Abdul, Afghanistan | Jusper Just, Denmark | Samuel Beckett, Ireland 



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