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14.3.24 - until all hostages return

Welcome Home / Come Home

This neon piece regularly flashes, causing the letters 'Wel' to disappear and reappear, while the phrase 'Come Home' persists as a poignant plea for the return of the hostages. This expression signifies their absent presence in the collective imagination.

Welcome Home - Nelly Agassi 2_edited.jpg

14/3/24 - 17/5/24


As a continuation and development of the anti-purist artistic practices and beliefs that Meshullam formulated in his canonical works, the exhibition offers a heterogeneous space of observation and thought – "heterosophical" in the artist's language – based on contradiction, investigation, and doubt.

14/3/24 - 17/5/24

Rebel Women

of the Apocrypha

A series of engravings captures the stories of formidable women in the Bible and external texts, which serve as the antithesis to the expected roles of 'nice,' good, and obedient women prescribed by the male order. Their subversive confrontations with powerful and influential men have inspired numerous interpretations across generations.

In collaboration with the Jerusalem Biennale



14/3/24 - 17/5/24

Emei Mountains

Bingyi's diverse artistic practice encompasses environmental land art, musical and literary composition, ink painting, and performance. Drawing inspiration from landscape paintings and ancient Daoist philosophy, she adopts a non-anthropocentric perspective to connect with nature's creative forces.

In collaboration with the Jerusalem Biennale


14/3/24 - 17/5/24


From Content to Form

The exhibition seeks to present a new artistic trend, of works that mark the value of the sacred text precisely through its materiality.

In collaboration with the Jerusalem Biennale


Raya Bruckenthal.jpg
washington university

"One of the best museums in the world. The most intense active square meter to art ratio you will ever find"


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