Menashe Kadishman

Prometheus, Israel, 1986-1987

Corten steel, 250x320 cm

The artist donation to Museum on the Seam

Shalechet (Fallen Leaves), Israel, 1987-2001

Iron heads

Courtesy of the artist

According to Greek mythology, Prometheus was endowed with the gift of foreseeing the future. He was the son of Titans, who sided with Zeus in his battle against them. Following his victory, Zeus bestowed on Prometheus multiple powers and sent him to Earth. Prometheus used his powers to create from earth and water a god-like creature – Man. In order to protect this helpless creature, he gave him fire. Later, Zeus and Man engaged in a dispute over human sacrifices, and Zeus deprived them of fire. Prometheus, who had mercy on his creation, stole a spark of fire from Olympus and returned it to Earth.

Prometheus was severely punished for his act and was chained to a cliff, where a vulture ate his liver every day.

Kadishman’s oeuvre is the desperate yet hopeful call for a better world: “I do not recall my life and my country without war. But I am allowed to dream of it.” Says Kadishman