Exhibition HeartQuake seeks to shudder and shake, identity and otherness vis a vis anxiety; to highlight and stress the process of man’s emotional contention with his environment, and also to peer through the prism of dread to examine his reactions, whether as aggressor or victim – all this with the purpose of attempting to comprehend and influence the dynamic of social and political relationships.

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Anselm Kiefer   Alfredo Jaar   Andree Korpys   Anna Baumgart
  Bettina Pousttchi   Chiharu Shiota   Boaz Aharonovitch
Charles Sandison   Daniela Comani   Paulina Wallenberg-Olsson     Doris Bühler
Adam Adach   Douglas Gordon     Ewa Harabasz   Guli Silberstein
Krzysztof Wodiczko   Max Streicher   Magnus BartasMagnus Bartas   Noh Suntag
PaulinaPavel Wolberg     Asaf Ben Zvi   Stanislaw Koba
Sue De Beer   Rafal Jakubowicz   Sophia Petrides   Sarah Nind  
  Vivian Bower   Sharon Poliakine     Stephan Kaluza
Vahram Aghasyan     Zuzanna Janin   Yael Bartana