The exhibition “Equal and Less Equal” attempts to awaken the awareness and social sensitivity so frequently dulled in us, and elucidate questions relating to the labour relations prevailing in our world.
The exhibition displays the discrimination, exploitation and humiliation, and calls upon us to reinforce the aspiration to strive for greater equality between human beings.

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Tehching Hsieh \ USA   Dana Levy / Israel   Elie Shamir / Israel   Moira Zoitl / Germany   Chen Chieh-jen / Taiwan
Lulu Shur-tzy Hou / Taiwan   Andreas Gursky / Germany   Fouad Agbaria / Israel   Marie José Burki / Switzerland   Vered Nissim / Israel
Santiago Sierra / Spain     Helmut & Johanna Kandl / Germany   Marilou Levin / Israel   Sebastiâo Salgado / Brazil
Anne Sassoon / Southern Africa   Peter Kogler / Austria   Tuomo Manninen / Finland  
William Kentridge / Southern Africa     Yoshua Okon / Mexico   Boaz Arad, Miki Kratsman / Israel
  Shula Keshet / Israel   Oskar Abosh / Israel   Shachar Rubin / Israel   Aliza Auerbach / Israel
Finbarr O'Reilly / Germany   Harun Farocki / Germany   Aliza Olmert / Israel   Adrian Paci / Albania   Heidi Stern / Germany
Martha Rosler / USA   Sharon Poliakine / Israel   Pascal Aubier / France   Yftach Belsky / Israel   Amit Goren / Israel