Twenty images undergo a process in which they lose their sharpness, at the Photo Lab of the artist Ernst Volland. In this way the artist expresses the toll that time takes on the sharpness of human memory. Images that have been established and determined as historically iconic, are presented in the exhibition in large formats. The photos presented, document the events of our lives, from the end of the Second World War to our time. These images as others are constantly imbedded in our collective memory and are used to great extent, as a base that connects and at the same time divides between cultures.

The artist invites us, the viewers, to use our imagination and to re-observe through the mist, scenes gone by that were embedded in our sub consciousness and piled up on the shelves of our collective memory. Geographical, Mental, and cultural borders are blurred by the power of the media. In this new and well-communicated reality, we are at the receiving end of countless images and experiences that accrue near and far.

It is no wonder that these communicated experiences that reach us on daily bases, soon become public property and recycle themselves in this process. Memory embedded images and icons quickly turn to milestones that pave the collective human story, which becomes our common language.

The images displayed at the exhibition are being used as probes to check our knowledge together and individually. They demand us to focus our lenses on them, and on our collective memory, and to link between the two.

This process of sharpening our senses challenges us to find what bonds us as society and to reveal the underlying human ties that connect us, by which we are able to communicate and bridge between humans.

The production of the exhibition was made possible with the help of The Goethe Institute Israel and the Heinrich Boll foundation.