DEADEND is an exhibition that presents a difficult reality that has turned violence into the language of daily life. This language threatens the existence of human society.

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Miki Krazman – The Reality of Roadblocks, 2002 Israel (video art)   Han Yang – War Games, 2004 China (assemblage 200x200 cm)   Karen Kipphoff – That Time, After Samuel Beckett 1992 Norway (video are on five screens)   Uriel Miron – Interchange, 2002 Israel (chalk drawing and color 200x205cm)   Yoram Rozov – A Shop on the Main Street, 1975 Israel (oil on canvas 72x100cm)
David Maestro – Via Dolorosa (the path of agony), 1998 Israel (8 black & white photographs 40x30 cm)   Dirk Raepphold – No Colors, 2000 Germany (tin relief 500x140 cm)   Aliza Olmert – Cross Out, 1996-2004 Israel (color photographs 110x165 / 16 color photographs 70x102)     Jan Svankmajer – Dimensions of Dialogue, 1982 Czech Republic (video art)
Gary Goldstein – A different Existence, 2000 Israel (6 prints, silk screen on glass 114x188 cm)   Manar Zuabi – In Between, 2004 Israel (video art)   Sharon Poliakine – Self Portrait, 2004 Israel (interactive installation)   Gary Goldstein – Man and his Work, 2004 Israel (26 works, ink & stickers on paper 22x29)
Shirley Faktor – Portraits of Evil, 1985 Israel (3 works, pastel on paper 74x104 cm)   Shirley Faktor – Loss, 1995 Israel (charcoal on paper 106x153 cm)     David Reeb – Let's Have Another War, 1996 Israel (acrylic on canvas 140x160 cm)
Assam Abu Shakra – Dogs and Airplanes. 1988 Israel (silk screen 230x190)   Raphie Etgar – Homeland, 2004 Israel (silk screen 350x190 cm)   Lejla Bulja – clonexistence, 2003 Bosnia Herzegovina (poster, 100x70 cm)   William Kentridge – Ubo Tells the Truth, 1997 South Africa (video art)   Michal Rovner – Coexistence 2, 2000 Israel (video art on three screens)
Sharon Etgar – Dough, 2001 Israel (video art on 4 screens) Based on a poem by Yona Volach   Mark Bergash – 1. Mother and Daughter  2. Chrissy and John, 1984 U.S.A (2 black & white photographs 113x186)   Dani Rosin – Self Centered Mirrors, 2004 U.S.A (installation 100x500 cm)   Cristoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein – Balance, 1990 Germany (video art)   Sharon Poliakine – The Face of the Other, 2002/2004 Israel (34works, oil on canvas 30x40 cm)